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The Congregation of the Daughters of the Presentation of Mary in the Temple was founded by two envisioned young girls, named Francesca Butti (1812- 1874) and Maria Rossi (1812-1874). It came into existence in the church on 7 th April, 1833 in Como, Italy with the sole aim and unique purpose of uplifting the young girls who were abandoned, exploited and left orphaned from the unethical and evil clutches of society. In 18 th century, Italy particularly in Lombardia a social and religious revival was inevitable because of the Industrial and French Revolutions. In this background and following the footsteps of the Founders, the Congregation is always at the service of young women and female children. The Congregation canonically elevated to Pontifical Status in 1941, has grown into a widespread organization of Religious Women in the Catholic Church.


Maria Rossi

(10.05.1812 - 12.04.1874)

Francesca Butti

(27.07.1812 - 16.04.1874)

Mother Teodolinda Venegoni

Geared Up Indian Mission

Mother Francesca Marchesoli

The first Mother General of DPMT

Pioneers in India

Sr Lorenza Bietti & Sr Lucina Carimali


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