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The Congregation of the Daughters of Presentation of the Mary in the temple provides various services in the field of education. The primary goal of the congregation is to provide quality education to the children with no bar on their caste, religion or gender. Through its educational institutions the congregation has provided education to thousands of children at subsidized, affordable rate and even free to the needy. It aims for the integral development of students to be good and responsible citizens by providing quality education and at transforming not just the attitudes and behaviors of individual students but also the governance of schools through development of values of democratic citizenship.

PERINTHALMANNA Malappuram Dist. – Kerala - 679 322

Our School is located at Perinthalmanna in Malappuram District, Kerala. At the request of the local people we opened an English Medium School in 1975. It is an educational community having a Higher Secondary School from pre-nursery section to higher secondary, which is unaided, recognized by the Government of Kerala and it has got good reputation in the locality. The community is enthusiastically involved in the main apostolate of education which is the main mission of the Congregation.

Our institution is open to all, irrespective of the caste and creed. They are accepted and cherished as they are and helped to grow in cultural, social, and religious traditions. We aim at the all round development of the children and aspire towards creating a just and human society where dignity of the human person is respected, where unjust social structures are challenged.

We pay a special attention to impart quality and affordable education through smart classes. We focus on both curricular and co curricular activities of the students. We pay special attention to the weak and poor students and give them special coaching and monetary concessions. We conduct awareness and values based programmes and educate both the parents and students. Various activities are conducted time to time to bring a holistic development in them. We also update the parents through meetings, seminars, workshop etc.

Training is given to the teachers to bring their best in the field of teaching. Frequent interactions and reviews enable them to see the uniqueness of the institution. They happily collaborate with the management and do their best.

CHERIAL Siddipet Dist. – 506 223 – TS

The greatest wealth of a nation is neither its dams nor its industrial network, nor its atomic power, but a new generation of enlightened and educated young people. Education is the seed and root. Civilization is the fruit and flower. If the cultivator is discerning and sows good seed the community will gather wholesome grain and flourish. Our cultivator is the educator. Mother Marchesoli, the heroic role model of education of our congregation is our patroness. Our community is dedicated to the field of education since 1999.

Cherial is a Village Panchayat mandal in Siddipet district in the state of Telangana. It is 132 km away from Hyderabad city. As it is the case of any village, Cherial too is inhabited by the poor people and the whole village depends on agriculture. Cherial is a specimen for an Indian village with all its backwardness especially in education, hygiene and infrastructure and so on. But we, the sisters find meaning in working among these poor people. We are happy to find a great change the education brings in both the students as well parents over these fifteen years of our dedicated commitment.

Though we don’t have a separate house, we share one part of our convent for the stay of few students and teachers. It is a great help to the teachers and the students to remain in campus and spend their valuable time in a most productive manner.

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