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As of 2020, DPMT is spread out in four continents - Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, 6 countries in 3 Provinces with a total number of 452. The Superior Generals since the foundation of Congregation are: Mother Francesca Marchesoli, Mother Carolina Grossi, Mother Angela Ferrari, Mother Angela Villa, Mother Clelia Rossi, Mother Teodolinda Venegoni, Mother Metilda Alberti, Mother Flora Sacchi, Mother Miriam Cassinotti, and the present Superior General is Mother Marina Kollarath.

DPMT headquarters is in Como, Italy: Figlie della Presentazione di Maria SS. Al Tempio, Casa Generalizia, Via Dante, 94, 22100 – Como. 8 communities are under Generalate: Rome, Loano (Italy) Masimbwe (Tanzania), Vanimo (PNG) Kima , Kibiko and Kimana (Kenya), Santa Claus (Indonesia).

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