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Nava Drushti Charity Eye Centre, Fathimanagar

NAVA DRUSHTI CHARITY EYE CENTRE is situated in Warangal, India. It is a charitable centre run by the Presentation Sisters under the Society named “Presentation Social Service Centre” for the poor and needy especially all those who are visually challenged. This institution Nava Drushti, we are running for the past 20 years. God had been gracious to us that he looked upon these poor people with His merciful eyes and we were able to help them with the support of a few generous Italian doctors who were willing to share.¬† We provide the best eye care free of cost. Here in our centre we have two doctors [Ophthalmologists], three Assistant nurses, three sisters, one driver, one optician and two maid servants. Everyday 7 to 10 cataract surgeries are being carried out in this centre. Almost 40 to 50 outpatients and more than 30 post-operative cases are seen every day.

Nava Drushti Charity Eye Centre gives witness to thousands of poor and disabled- young and old who are healed and they are happy about our service. Irrespective of caste and religion, we attend all those who are coming in the clinic and surgeries are done for those who come with their proper personal ID eligible for free cataract surgery under the government scheme. Once the surgery is done, the patients should come after 45 days for follow up treatment and finally one pair of spectacles will be given to them. With that the course of treatment is over. The main goal of this charitable eye centre is to reduce the prevalence of blindness and low vision due to cataract and to conduct free surgeries to the poor people who are approaching us from various districts.

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