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Initial Formation

The consecrated life is deeply rooted in the example and teaching of Christ the Lord, is a gift of God the Father, to his church through the Holy Spirit.  The mystery of the Presentation of Mary expresses in the best way all dimensions of our life and thus it enlightens and directs our path of formation.  Each sister and each candidate is invited to enter into the school of Mary to participate in the mystery of her Presentation in the Temple and gradually assimilate the spiritual and apostolic features of our Charism. An initial short period of experience in one of the communities is proposed to the young girls who show interest in our way of life (Come and See).  During this first informal time, living with us, they begin to experiment and verify the seeds of vocation sprouting up in their heart.

 The vocation promoter, after having certain knowledge of the girl and her family, seeing her apt, presents her to the in- charge of formation in the community of aspirants. Those who join the congregation anew have to undergo six years of formation in and out of Telangana State. During different stages of formation – come and see, Aspirancy, Postulancy, Novitiate and  the candidate clarifies her motivations, achieves greater psychological balance and interior freedom in assessing them and herself and attains integral growth.

Stage: 1


It is the preliminary step to postulancy.  Its duration is minimum one year, always taking into account the process of maturation of each person. The objectives of this stage are:

  • To discern more clearly the plan of God for her and to mature in the desire to respond to God’s call.
  • To discover and accept herself.
  • To grow in her human and spiritual dispositions, necessary to realize her “Here I am’ to the Lord as DPMT.
  • To deal with any difficulties faced in human and Christian development.

In this stage the progress of the aspirant should be examined by the formator, to verify the authenticity of her vocation and her personal suitability.


Stage: 2


The postulancy is a necessary stage for a suitable preparation for the novitiate. During this period, the postulant, as a candidate of the DPMT, participate in the fraternal life without having obligation to all its commitments. The study content proposed during this formative stage are Scripture, Catechism of the Catholic Church, the First constitutions, the educational guidelines, biographies of saints, the life of Mother Marchesoli etc.

In this stage there is a more intense continuation of the formative accompaniment of the Formator and the community experience with her companions.


Stage: 3


The novitiate marks the beginning of life in the Institute lived in an atmosphere of intense silence and prayer. Its duration is 24 months, out of which one year is to be spent continuously in the novitiate house. During the non- canonical period, the novice will be sent for an apostolic experience in a community where she may prove her ability to cope up with the demands of our apostolate. It’s a time of trial because the novice is called to know the way of life of DPMT and its demands so that at the conclusion of this period she can embrace it through the profession of vows. The annual program of the novices are based on the Scripture, documents of the church, Rule of life, History of the Institute etc. three months before the conclusion of the Novitiate the novice writes to the Provincial superior for admission to the First profession.


Stage: 4


The Juniorate is the time when the newly- professed sister begins to live all the demands of the consecration in a concrete way in the community, participating in the apostolic mission of the DPMT. The time of Juniorate is usually six years, only for appropriate reasons it can be extended up to nine years by the Superior General with the consent of her Council. The path of the juniorate is in continuity with the previous phases and the Final Profession as its goal, i.e. the choice to consecrate herself to the Lord forever in the congregation of DPMT.

Every year, three months before the expiry of the vows, the junior presents tot the Major Superior a written request to be admitted to the renewal. Final profession is the concluding point of the process of vocational discernment. it is in fact the fundamental and ultimate option in the life and freedom of each sister, because with her ‘yes forever’ she offers her life permanently for the service of God and of the church in our institute.


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