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10th May 1812 Birthday of Maria Rossi our Founder
27th July 1812 Birthday of Francesca Butti our Founder
7th April 1833 Foundation Day
12th April 1874 Death of Maria Rossi
16th April 1874 Death of Francesca Butti
1st November 1874 Approval of the constitution
12th April 1880 Mother Francesca Marchasoli  - First Mother general–
5th March 1885 Erection of the Institute as a Religious Congregation
22nd September 1895 Opening of Sacra Famiglia
11th November 1915 Death of Mother Francesca Marchesoli
4th March 1941 Pontifical status
12th December 1968 Starting of Indian mission (Kerala) –
1979 Starting of  mission in Andrapradesh
1982 Starting of first community in A.P –Fatimanagar
7th April 1996 Blossomed into two Regions
9th August 2002 Death of Sr Lucina Carimali – pioneer Indian Mission
3rd July 2008 Opening mission in PNG
21st February 2010 Death of Sr Lorenza Bietti- pioneer Indian Mission
19th March 2011 Erection  of St Joseph Province
16th November 2011 Opening mission in Tanzania
2013 Mother Marina Kollarath – First Indian Mother General
21st October 2014 Opening mission in Kenya
2016 First Provincial Chapter
2018 Golden jubilee of mission in India

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