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Social Work & Pastoral care

Navajeevan Rehabilitation Centre, Karunapuram:

Navajeevan Rehabilitation Centre started on 18th November 1993 by Rev. Fr. Colombo PIME. It was started with the intention of providing job for the physically challenged and cured lepers, to divert their minds away from social stigma. It was donated by Bakhita Follereau Group. On 3rd Novemeber 1996.

It was officially blessed by His Eminency Cardinal Jovanni G. Salderini, Archbishop of Turin, Italy and inaugurated by Bishop Thumma Bala. The less fortunate and physically challenged women of the area find day time shelter and working place here. They earn their livelihood through lace work, embroidery, tailoring and sewing

Leprosy rehabilitation Centre (Anand Nagar), Hanamkonda:

The leprosy rehabilitation Centre, Hanamkonda founded on 6th September 1985 by Sr.Lorenza Bietti the pioneer of our mission. She intensified our social activities such as Mobile clinic unit for people affected with Hansen's disease (lepers), acquiring land and constructing houses for them. Anandnager is a leprosy colony was formed by building 33 houses for lepers. Having felt the need of rehabilitating the cured lepers, we started a rehabilitation centre at Anandnagar.

On 6th February 1992 the district Collector of Warangal inaugurated the rehabilitation centre. Other charitable activities also are done by us. Distribution of cloths, construction of houses for the homeless, free education & scholarship schemes, medical support, pension schemes etc. We help them to be self sufficient through moral classes, revolving loan and educational support to bring them to the main stream of the society.

Scholarship Programme

Presentation Social Service Centre provides scholarship to the less privileged and marginally poor children. This programme helps the poor children to afford their education even in higher level so that they too can compete with the elites of the society. At present Presentation Social Service Centre offers educational help to approximately 1110 children in different states such as Telangana, Andrea Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu. This centre conducts very often seminars (on value education) and regular meetings of parents and children.

Pension for widows and leprosy patients

Pension Scheme beneficiaries are: leprosy affected people, sick and aged widows and poor. This scheme provides minimum aid to the above mentioned people to support towards their medicines. Our beneficiaries hail from the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The Presentation social Service Centre offers pension assistance to 151persons.


St. Mary’s Boarding, Velair:

Velair is a developing interior village in Warangal district. Most of the people are illiterate and poor. Having realized the need to work for the up liftment of the young girls The Presentation Social Service Centre has decided to start a boarding on 6th January 1998. We started taking the poor girls specially the orphaned ones from Velair and surrounding villages. The girls are given Social educational moral and cultural formation.

St. Joseph’s Boarding for girls:

Darbhagudem is a remote tribal area of West Godavari District. About 80% of the people are marginalized and their only sustenance is daily wages. The inhabitants of the locality were utterly poor and illiterate. Studying the situation and holding the vision of the Presentation Social Service Centre we decided to take up the education of the girls of these areas who were not been to school even for basic education. In our boarding we provide holistic education for these girls. We conduct seminars, co- curricular activities, in- door and out - door games. The regular meetings with the parents are organized.

Family visits:

Through family visit we come to know the various needs of the people around and extend our special care to the elderly, homebound, sick and the needy of the locality. We are in touch with all the communities in the village. In the structural setup we are immediately connected with the church community but in the real situation we are in direct contact with the villagers. We never limit our services to Catholics alone but to the whole village without any discrimination of rich and poor or cast and creed. We do visit the houses in our parish as well as the neighbors who are of other faith.

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